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Visitors will stop and take notice with attractive front-door handlesets from Baldwin, Emtek, Dynasty Hardware and Schlage. Combining matching latch handles and locks on the exterior with a wealth of stylish knob and lever choices on the interior, handlesets catch your eye both coming and going.

Plentiful handleset styles let homeowners indulge every creative fancy. Emtek's Orleans and Valley Forge designs, along with Baldwin's Canterbury, provide elegant details that create an immediate impression. For traditional appearances that still make a statement, consider Emtek's Sand Cast designs, Dynasty Hardware's Colorado style or the Schlage Addison. Most handlesets offer a variety of finishes to further personalize your choice, including such unique options as Distressed Venetian Bronze, Pewter, and Satin Brass & Black; classics like Lifetime Brass and Polished Chrome are also available. Which style suits you?

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Our Handleset Selection

We offer a huge selection of front door handlesets to choose from. One of the best ways to add value to your home is to replace your door hardware. Front door handlesets come in many different shapes, sizes and finishes. Styles can be modern or traditional. At we are happy to help you find just the right handleset design to fit your needs. We can key all of your locks alike so you only need one key to operate any lock in your home.


Types Of Front Door Handlesets


Sectional Front Door Handlesets  


Sectional front door handlesets are a very versitile option and fit most doors. Sectional handlesets are made up of two sections. The main grip of the handleset below, with the deadbolt mechanism above. Available in both single cylinder and double cylinder configurations with many styles and finishes to match your taste. Pictured to the left is the Emtek Hamden

 Monolithic Front Door Handleset  


Monolithic front door handlesets require that the holes in the door be a pre-determined distance apart, normally 5-1/2" from center to center but this distance can vary from one design to the next. Also known as a one piece handlesets because they feature a single plate that connects the grip and the deadbolt. Pictured to the left is the Emtek Tuscany.